Welcome to Rocket CPU!
In an ever-growing cryptocurrency market, WAX is defining itself as the best option for P2E blockchain based projects, accounting for more than 23 million transactions per day, ranking it as the most used blockchain in the world.
WAX has no transaction fees, it's fully compatible with the EOS blockchain and uses a DPoS (Delegate Proof of Stake) mechanism to confirm transactions and mint new WAX coins
As more users take notice of WAX and its capabilities, those new to WAX will struggle to understand what is staking, and why do they need to do it. This whitepaper is intended to work both as a service offering and as a guide for new users to understand what is staking and why it is so important for them.
This is a living whitepaper and is subject to changes and updates in order to ensure the best experience for RocketCPU customers, clients and investors.
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