The Problem
3 Resources are required to operate a WAX wallet on the blockchain. CPU (the amount of transactions a wallet can make in a 24hr period), RAM (the amount of data stored on the blockchain) and NET (the speed at which transactions occur). The most important and user-heavy resource however, is CPU. Just imagine the total CPU available throughout the entire blockchain as a large pie chart. Each time a user stakes more WAX to their wallet, the larger the chunk of the pie they have available to them to conduct more transactions. This also goes in the opposite direction though. The more WAX users stake to their wallets, the less everyone else has available
Current games rely on performing several transactions daily. Hence, requiring a vast amount of CPU (WAX staked) to play it adequately. Most users don’t have enough resources to stake vast amounts of WAX in order to win playing their favorite game.
This affects also the game by itself and its organic growth. With higher amounts of WAX being required over time less users are likely to invest time and money into it.
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